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Post War Ace Service Model-Current Pricing?

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Have any of you guys (or girls) seen an Ace at a show lately.. you know the ones manufactured between 1978 and 1982? I have not seen one in ages.
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Pretty scarce. I've got a conversion unit from this era and have owned one Ace model but, not seen any lately? Actually, the last ones I saw were at the Indy 1500 table show, I think. Might try this show if you get a chance?

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The Post-War Service Ace pistols show up on the auction sites frequently. If you want one, search the sites.
Yeah, they're not all that uncommon, just WAY overpriced.
Blokey, how do you figure Post-War Service Aces are overpriced? When an item sells for its market value, it is not overpriced. Those that are actually priced above market value are overpriced, and will not sell. Just because we wish a particular gun were less costly does not make it "overpriced."
I am no expert on this stuff, but it sounds to me like a lot of the guns that are considered "choice" that are for sale are being listed on auction sites with either a fairly high price or a high reserve price. Obviously, this is a bit of a generalization. I know this does not mean a dealer or somebody with tables at a show does not have these guns, but it does appear that people are just putting a price on a particular item (sometimes higher than we might think is appropriate) and letting it sit for sale for as long as it takes. I also believe that the listing of what appears to be fairly high prices compounds itself because the dealer or "item lister" sees what other folks are asking for the same gun regardless of what they could actually get for the gun if they had it a gun show for sale. There is also the "for sale" and a "quick sale" price. Technically I would guess that the prices should be within 20% of each other. But this is not really true.
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Bought one in 79 350.00, passed on one in nickel the same week
, last time I saw one of those, it was $1300.00
I gave came mine to my son for his 10th birthday, and he still has it up in Alaska.

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I apologize for the wrong choice of words! I guess I meant to say that for what it is, the asking prices are high; what they actually sell for is another thing.

Hey I'm guilty of paying seemingly ridiculous amounts for some of my guns, I won't deny it.

Case in point: the Viper I tried to buy recently (see the "colt viper" thread):

I was willing to go $1000+ on a glorified Police Positive but it wasn't to be!

Boas are another example. The gun itself is nothing special, just that they made so few of them so the Blue Book value of $600 IIRC for NIB condition is wishful thinking. Didn't the most recent one sell on AA for $1678?

If someone wants to pay an amount that seems foolish for a particular gun, that's their (my) prerogative I guess. It's whatever the market will bear.
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