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PP 38 with M.O.P.

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Picked this nice old piece up last summer. Police Positive 38 from 1913. It has the slickest, trigger/hammer action of any gun I've ever owned; better than either of my Pythons. 4" and has mother of pearl stocks, not OEM I'm sure but still, old. They are heavy, much heavier than I would have suspected. A few pictures:

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What a classy little gun. The pearls look a little thicker than a lot of them that are like wafers.
Can't get much better looking than pearls on an old Colt. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for sharing. I love that early Colt logo.
Nice..funny how much MOP actually weighs. You wouldn't think it just buy looking. Thats why I always post on threads asking if they are real MOP or they feel heavy..or light like plastic?
I agree with LEO918. Great logo on a real nice Colt. Thanks for the post.

Ed B.
how about a range report on that nice old colt PP.
It shoots better than my Smiff Regulation Police revolvers, one from the 20's and a 1953. Both are fine shooters but the lock work in the Colt throws the advantage to the Colt. I don't shoot the old girls much, just pride of ownership; I guess.
You have one really great looking old Colt PP. Very nice.
Very handsome revolver, Senior Chief! You did well.
Very nice Colt. White grips really make it stand out!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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