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Pre Detective Special/2" Police Positive Special

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Maybe I have just overlooked them but I don't remember seeing ads for Pre Detective Specials aka 2" Police Positive Specials. Ebay has a couple of old ads from 1927, one from Hibbard Spencer and another from Belknap Hardware which show the 2" PP Specials and the barrel markings of 38 SPECIAL, being offered for sale.

The earliest 2" PP have been lettered showing 1926 ship dates with 1927 Serial Number Dates. One question I have had is did Colt do a production run of the 2" PP and have inventory, or take already produced longer barreled PP in inventory and change barrels to 2". There was a thought that Colt used advanced/future Serial Numbers on these early 2" PP's which would explain a production run, or was there a large inventory of longer barreled PP's which were actually made in 1926 which sat in inventory (would also explain the 1927 SN's shipping in 1926). If Paul reads this perhaps he can see if these 1927 PP's or Detectives 2" show an assembly or manufacturing date of 1926.

Or did Colt actually use advance numbers as most of the lettered 2" PP are 1 or 2 gun shipments in 1926. That said, it is known that both the Detroit and Boston Police Departments bought quantities of these 2" PP in 1926 for their departments.
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