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Pre-Detective Special

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I have a 1st year production Pre-Detective Special that I believe I am going to put up for auction. Picture attached. Does anyone know what they are going for currently? Comes with factory letter.


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Sorry for the late reply guys. The serial number is 359348, I have attached a clearer picture showing the "38 Special" barrel markings. I have a factory letter from Colt somewhere but it has been misplaced during our move. It will turn up shortly. I believe it was manufactured in 1928. View attachment 310706
That's not the same gun you pictured in the first post.
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I have done that before Olddog. I would love to see more pictures of it. Are you going to offer it here first?
There are many collecters, myself included, who would love the opportunity to purchase some nice Colts. That one is nice Olddog.
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