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Pre-Detective Special

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I have a 1st year production Pre-Detective Special that I believe I am going to put up for auction. Picture attached. Does anyone know what they are going for currently? Comes with factory letter.


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The term "Pre-Detective Special" is usually used to describe the model that immediately preceded the 2" Detective Special that was first so named in 1927. These models are actually a 2" Police Positive Special and are marked "38 SPECIAL" on one side of the barrel and are blank on the other side with no address line. They also have no checkering on the trigger, smooth sight channel top strap and a narrowed square butte grip frame.

From the pic you supplied, your gun does indeed appear to be a "true" Detective Special model. Can you post the serial number?

First year Detective Specials have a strong following and I would expect yours would sell in the $1000 and $1500 range.
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I believe the "value" could be in the $2500 range, based on this recent GB sale for a high condition example complete with box. It sold for $3525:
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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