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I have a factory Blue D-engraved (that is full coverage) 6" Diamondback 22. Yeah, it's very pretty. I believe that if you letter a gun, Colt will include the engraver's name. One call to customer service would provide you with the answer.

Additional note: Back when I purchased this speciman, it had a 6" nickel twin (22) that was also D-engraved at just a slightly higher price tag. At the time, I was not that fond of nickel guns, so I passed on it. Wish I could roll history back a little and have dug up the money for that one too.

As far as pricing goes, who knows? I figure my 6" should be worth more than any 2.5" Diamondback 22. That means it is a $3000+ gun. I doubt if I would sell it for $5K.

Have never seen a list of the Colt factory engravers. There are the well known ones that are listed in some of Wilson's books which would take you into the mid-1980's. I believe they have different mastery levels. Wilson's books specifically on the engraved Colts would probably be the best source. That is one reference that I do not have.

You have any or you just hoping to find some?
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