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Hi Bighornhunter,

You asked:

"... have a pretty nice collection of Diamondbacks and an am thinking about starting to get some of the other Doulbe action guns that are factory engraved.Does anyone have a list of Colt engravers and did they sign or mark the guns they engraved?"

If you are really interested in Colt engraving, you need to buy a copy of Don Wilkerson's book " The PostWar Colt Single Action Revolver 1976-1986." In the book, Wilkerson covers the Colt Custom Shop and all of the engravers employed there. The list is fairly long and it gives a bio on each engraver. Also covered is the engraving styles and classes of coverage. Colt marked SAAs of the period with "COLT ENG" under the grips if the engraving was done at the factory by an apprentice or a journeyman engraver. If one of the Master Engravers did the work it was "signed" by him (also under the grips) ... I would assume that this same procedure was done on other models of Colts, but you know what can happen when you make assumptions! :)

Anyway... This book has the details on the Post War engravers... Bob Best
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