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not to hijack other M45A1 post , I have my own questions
both used.
I recently acquired these two fine weapons and was wondering what the production numbers are if anyone has any info would really appreciate it
#12913EGA & 15114EGA
both came with two mags , desert sand with Wilson mags
the black/grey with SS colt 8rd mags and TT inked on tag with the desert sand lined out.
#15114 has checkering on grip frame & is two tone color ( I like the colors a lot ) more than DS color. built 2/21/17 target date
12913 no checkering, plain Jane to me , target lost / no target in box
what year built on DS color
does anyone know production numbers of each , bot are totally different looking and other differences.

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For the top one, probably quite a few made, surely in the the thousands. It's the regular production line version of the M45A1 in DecoBond (which is just the name for any IonBond color other than black). Closest to what would have been delivered to the Marines during that time frame. It would have never had a target, being a regular production line gun, so your not missing anything.

For the bottom one, I am going to guess based on my observations that production volume is somewhere in the neighborhood of 300. I also have one of these with the "desert sand" crossed out and the "TT" written on it. I'm thinking "TT" stands for "Two Tone". This was a Colt Custom Shop version, which did come in the blue plastic clamshell box for that particular run, meaning it had hand fit barrel and some trigger work. It would have come with a test target. It's finish is also Cerakote, and not IonBond/DecoBond, which is finish that tends to chip or wear a little more than the IonBond.

Great couple of M45A1s! Congrats on the acquisition!
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