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I have a Courier in 22 cal. with a similar problem with the anodizing on the frame. (the 22 has a steel cylinder) The rest of the gun is near perfect. From what I have seen, Colt had some real issues getting the finish right on these early alloy frames and consequently, very survived with a good finish. A lot of them, like mine, wind up with a kind of purple tint on the alloy frame.

I had thoughts of getting mine refinished by Ford's until one of the forum members posted photos of a Courier Ford's had refinished for him. The gun looked terrible- as if the frame had been spray painted. I don't know if that one gun is a fair representation of their work but it was enough to convince me not to send mine. I decided to leave mine as is, purplish finish and all.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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