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Proper value of a DSII & 3rd edition DS at LGS

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I saw a Colt 3rd edition Detective Special with minimal wear and the original grips, and a Colt DSII in stainless at the LGS today and was wondering what they are currently going for. On the same shelf was a S&W M64 snubbie. All were within $50 in price, but $600+. What would you offer?
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I think that it depends on what part of the U.S. you are in, along with the complete condition and then the finish on the 3rd gen Detective Special. Nickel finish here in Texas is about right, blue a little high. If you are planning to carry it I would go for the DSII in stainless. The S&W sorry I have no knowledge of this one. You can always search gun broker for current and completed auctions. JMHO but with these trying times we are in, and the unknown future in this hobby. If you like it and can afford it go for it. I remember back in the 90's when the assault ban went into effect. I was at my LGS and helped unload a 18 wheeler full of AK's, SKS's, and ammo and M-1A's. The shop owner told me to come back the next day and pick out what I wanted at cost. The next day bright and early we found the gun ban in effect. When I stopped at the store there was a line to get in at least 50 yards long. Mickey saw me and came out and ask me what I wanted. I place my order and he brought out the ammo to me and put what I wanted aside for me. So lesson learned, get what you want while you can. If you pay a little more, just wait 5 or 6 months the way Colts or going up........Sorry for the long answer. Good Luck. Dennis
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My mid 70's DS in nickel, original stocks, was about 5 Bens. One small nick on the top strap but not through to copper, otherwise high 90's condition. Not familiar with DSII pricing enough to be helpful. Do know older all original blued DS, exposed ejector rod, '60 vintage, better than 95% will tack 2-3 Bens to the price. All above sans box.
At my local gun show this weekend I saw a nib 3rd gen blue detective special. 950.00 ouch. Mjc
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