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The only issue I would have with a person new to the hobby and a progressive press is that there is a lot happening at once. Start out on a single stage press and learn the ropes first. Don't expect to sit down in an evening and pump out 500 rounds of anything but plan it out and size cases one night, prime the next and do powder and bullets the next one after that. In other words don't get in a rush. Winter is my reloading season. I usually stock pile enough loaded ammunition to last me through the summer shooting season. Buy components when you can, right now they are very scarce so plan ahead and get what you need.

As I said in a previous thread to you I have worn out lots of Lee equipment. Not because it isn't any good it is just not capable of putting up with year after year of use and high volume. I will say I have yet to find a better designed tool than the Lee factory crimp die. My RCBS Rockchucker has been my press for 30 years. I have a Forster case trimmer only because I believe them to be very accurate, but parts are difficult to come by. I have an RCBS Uniflow powder measure. I have a stainless steel dial caliper. If you look in my die drawer you will see 98% RCBS dies. Not because they are better than the rest but I feel they give the biggest bang for the buck and they are available everywhere. For those rifle cartridges that I require extreme accuracy from, i.e. .22-250, .222 Remington, I have Redding benchrest dies.

Their are catalogues of equipment to make ammunition. As you get more experienced you will find what works and what is unnecessary. There are a couple reloading forums out there that like this one, are full of members willing to help without all the puffing out of chests found some places. Anyway that is my .02. Again enjoy the hobby and be safe.
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