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Hey, there you are again.
Some guns are bored differently than others, and so they don't act the same shooting cast, swaged, or certain alloyed lead bullets. The Glock & H&K guys can comment here. The upshot is, they don't have conventional grooves and lands, and the 'corners' of the rifling can get clogged up, reducing accuracy, but more importantly, raising operating pressure due to increased resitance in the bore, increasing the odds of an accident.
That bein' said, as long as you are sensible and play heads-up, you will never wreck your firearm. If you hot-load, and monkey around, or if you don't go heads-up 100% of the time, then the likelihood of having an unpleasant experience increases dramatically. I have guns that have never seen a factory round. I have never blown one up, but I know guys who have. It ain't pretty, and it is scary as hell.
Check around your area for information on what rounds are allowed. Some don't want lead; some want to sell you their ammo on site.
As for getting some gear, I would suggest a comprehensive reloading manual first. There are lots of 'em, and they cover every aspect in detail. You might find a decent set up on E-bay or someplace. I have a ton of old (real old) equipment. Some of it is obsolete, but it works well.
The best tip I can offer to a new reloader is 'Never be in a hurry'. I reckon that would be in the heads-up category.
PM me if you like.
You are gonna like this reloading business.
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