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Thinking of beginning to start reloading, and have been trying to gather some information from the forum here, and I have a question, or three. IS there any truth, or is it just a personal preference that some shooters feel that reloads are bad for thier firearms, and will not use them, and some ranges will not allow them? Or is it based on the ingredients some of the reloaders use? Second, what is a good starter kit to buy, if you were not in a situation where you had to buy the cheapest one out there, bbut not the most expensive either? Maybe middle of the road? I want to load basic handgun loads along with 10mm, and 5.56/.223 and 7.62x39 on the long gun side. Thanks.
I've been reloading for over 35 years, and have never heard such drivel that reloads are bad for any gun, nor have I ever heard of a shooting range not allowing reloads.
Reloaded ammunition is no more detrimental to a firearm than factory ammo. However, for a beginner, I would strongly recommend enlisting the advice of someone you know that does reload before going it on your own. Reloading manuals MUST be followed for the beginner. Strick attention must be paid constantly. Lee makes a complete set of reloading equipment, and is probably the cheapest out there. My preference is Redding, and in my opinion the best other than custom dies (which I use ffor my benchrest competition loads). RCBS is probably in the middle of the field, but I believe better than Lee. A good powder measuring scale is a must...don't scrimp on the scale.
As any reloading manual will recommend, start loads with a powder weight of 10% less than given, and work up from there. What is a good load in one rifle/pistol/revolver may be not-so-good in another.
If reloading for handguns, a set of carbide sizing dies are the way to go, as no lube is required for sizing.
I hope that helps a little. Reloading is not as complicated as you may think IF you pay attention and never daydream while doing it.
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