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Re: Python 4\" Value

While those stocks are "probably" Herretts,based upon the grain of wood,I have 2 pair of these fingergroove,smooth stocks made by Charles Daly that are very similar,except wood is darker. Bought 4 of them in a shop going "belly up" a few years ago.

The grips were made in Phillipines,I think. Have a pair on a 4" "357",then modified a pair to fit my round butt S&W M-610,5",my "companion gun".

One of the remaining pair is almost identical to the one shown,the other with an angled toe and heel called the "Python Combat".

Have put them in the classifieds twice to no avail;few have heard of Charles Daly-I guess?? Have them in 82' catalog,and they listed in the $40+ range.

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