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Python 817

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This is my newest acquisition, 1956 colt python sn#817. I wanted to show you all not only to show you how lucky I am this week but also to try to help JudgeColt and others answer when the medallion change for the first gen full checkered grips was made. I suspect the change was made between sn#818 and 896. Earlier about a week ago CJS57 posted pictures of sn#897 with the newer style medallion(ears pointing towards the C in colt) and I am now posting pictures of my sn#817 to show that it has the older medallions(ears pointing towards the L in colt). In my opinion the grips on both guns match the condition of the rest of the perspective gun very well which gives me reason to believe that both of them are the originals for each gun. As always any new information is appreciated wether it helps support my theory or not.


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Great find! And the earliest style of grips on that serial is very, very interesting! I hope you will get a letter with the mfg. date. It may have been assembled very early.
Thank you. I would not expect a Python that late to have the earlier style of medallions, but I too just want to know, whether or not it supports my theory. Get a letter with a build and ship date to see when it was built. And tell us what it says, of course!
That's certainly worth a drool or two.SweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT. D*
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VERY NICE....we all need one like that :D :D :D thanks for the pics....RR
Very nice early Python. Condition looks very good for it's age. Congratulations!
Thanks everyone for the nice remarks. As for the letter I will probably wait until I have a few interesting colts and get the discounted letters at which time I will let everyone know the build date. So my question now is does anyone out there own sn#700-800? If you do we would all appreciate a close up photo of the original grips.
That's certainly worth a drool or two.SweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT. D*
D*....that's "Schweeeeeeeeeet", gotta get that shhhhh sound into the mix on a Python that early ;)

Very nice early Python and added information on the medallions. We'll nail em down yet !!!
Nice find for sure. That's my birthyear. I need to find one of those! Congrats to you!
This might seem a minor point, but I would like to know the reason behind the changing medallion designs over the years. Did a higher up at Colt feel the older medallions looked 'old' and needed to be modernized? Probably never know. Unless I am mistaken the current medallion design has been in use for almost 60 years (not counting brief changes like the 150th anniversary). Perhaps the company has settled on that design as the final style?
Weagle99 that is a good question. One that we will probably never know the answer to, but you never know maybe someone reading this worked there during that time period and could give us an answer.
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