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Python Date of Birth

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I just bought a 8 inch blued Python that is just awsome. The serial number is K542XX. Anyone know the date of manufacture.

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Looks like 1981-82.

What did you pay for it?

I recently bought two Pythons:
4" = $500 (excellent 1980s - bargain price)
6" = $850 (NIB 1980s)
I paid 865 though gunsamerica. Its an 8 inch gun. Looks brand new. Thanks for the info.

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Thanks Pat!

Sounds like a good deal on a new 8 incher!

Now, are you going to shoot, shoot, shoot it? For some reason, when I buy a really nice/new older gun I have this hesitation about shooting it. It looks so nice! Anyone else have this phobia about shooting their nice guns?
<phobia about shooting nice guns>

its a dirty job but someone has to do it..
Too late already shot it. Going to baby it though. It will be shot mostly with 38 level loads in single action. Hey can you check another python for a friend. Serial is 98042 its a 4 inch blued python. Thanks again.

Allow me to confirm the 1981 date of your revolver; your friend's was made in '69.


I intend to go into harms way.
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