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I'm a new member on this forum, though am guilty of lurking and having hidden in the bushes for a while. There is clearly a lot of expertise running around loose here. I admit to owning more S&W's than Colts, but have always had a very soft spot for Pythons (having shot one in bullseye competition as a young police officer - back when I had hair and muscles).

I request date of manufacture data on a blue 6" Python beauty with serial number 95,5XX (no prefix or suffix).

From experience with other examples, I'm guessing production was near (not later than) 1969, but I don't have adequate reference materials. This one is about 98-99% (no box or papers) with light drag marking and the best single-action trigger I've ever owned - including a load of S&W's! What is the going rate for such a snake as this in the real world of the midwest?

Thanks in advance for the assist.
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