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Hey All,

Can one of the Colt gurus tell me what year Python this is: serial #: 859XX ?

Based on other posts I have seen I am going to guess 1968. Ist there a book or something that lists this information?

This Colt collecting thing is scary, but I've got the bug big time. Thanks for all the info so far.

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1968 it is.

There are several books out there, but the one that has serial number/production data is
R.L. Wilson's "Colt: An American Legend".

This is considered by the Colt factory as the "official" history of the Colt Company.
In the back of the book is all known Colt production information from 1836 to 1985, when the book was written.

There is no published data beyond then.

Wilson also sells a booklet containing just the production data.

Wilson has a number of Colt books available, some are out of print and somewhat collectible, but affordable.

There are also several other books that are good. One is "Colt: 1836 To 1940" By Beldan and Haven. This one is good for prewar models, and has an interesting tour of the factory along with the manufacturing process used circa 1930's.

There is also a famous Colt book by James Serven?? that's an EXPENSIVE collector's item, usually selling in the $500.00 range USED.
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