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The later small "D" frame steel framed Colt's like the detective Special were factory rated for "up to" 3000 rounds of +P.
These are the post-1972 heavy, shrouded barrel versions.
After that they were to be returned to Colt for inspection and possible frame replacement.
Since Colt no longer has frames, you have the right idea: Practice with standard .38 Special ammo, and load up the +P for "business".

As for re-bluing your Python, there are just too many facets to consider.
How bad is it? If it's really worn a factory refinish may increase the value.
Are you going to keep this one long term? If so, what do you care what possible reduction in value it is for the next owner after you're dead?
Bottom line, refinish is a purely personal decision only you can make. If you just want a like-new looking Python and are willing to wait for Colt to do it, go for it.
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