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python grip question

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hello to all i was wondering if anyone can tell me what gen grips should be on a 1961 python thanks to all
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Here is some good reading and toward the end of the article it shows the different Gen grips.

The Colt Python

Hope this answers your question.
They would be Python Type II, like the set on my 1960 Python. In 1961 Colt was using a glossy poly finish, so a correct set for 1961 would appear different than these oil finished stocks. But the style, with the "half moon" cut stock panels below the medallions, would be identical.

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1961 could be a transition year between Type 1 and Type 2 stocks. The exact date of Type 1 discontinuance has been a matter of speculation.
Parrisjr: Thanks for the excellent review article on the Python. I am sure that will be useful to many of us.
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From my research, 1960 was the transition year, not 1961. (There was a lengthy thread on that subject quite some time ago.)
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