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I have done a search trying to find out how many Python's were produced. I am having a discussion with a fellow who claims the Ruger guns are more collectable because they were a more economical gun and used mostly for work so a NIB is a rarity. While the Python being more expensive was babied and more pristine models are available, that and as he claims (and perhaps he is right)many more Python's were produced.
I would like to know how many Python's did Colt make. This isn't going to mean spit in the wind when it's all done. I do like the Python and base it's value on the quality aspect.

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According to the big auction houses like sotheby's and the other auction houses that sell HIGH dollar artwork and collectible guns, the MOST collectible guns in the world are Colt revolvers.

I don't know how many Pythons Colt produced, but I'd bet there were fewer than Ruger's produced.

One factor is, the Python has been produced since 1955.
Ruger has produced several different models over the years, with the GP-100 being just the most recent.
So, it MAY be possible that Colt DID produce more Pythons than Ruger has the GP, but I certainly wouldn't count on it.

In most parts of the country THE biggest selling revolver is always the Ruger, simply for it's hard to beat price/quality/good buy status.

Ruger makes a LOT of guns, and sell them all over the world.
The idea that Ruger's are more "collectible" because they're used is WAY off base.

Guns are collectible because of their rarity, value, historical reasons, WHO owned them, or their quality.

The only Ruger's that are collectible are highly decorated versions, rare models, or models owned by someone of note.

As to which would be more "collectible' the Python or a Ruger GP, the Colt wins in a walk.

The Python is a truly legendary firearm from the world's most famous, fabled, storied pistol maker.
Colt's from this maker were used by Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, Wyatt Earp, Bill Tilgman, Sgt York, John Wayne, Buffalo Bill Cody, General Patton, and 170 years of Americans both famous and unknown.
They were used in every war America fought from the Mexican War, to the Civil War, to Kettle Hill, to Belleu Wood, to Saipan, to the Battle of the Bulge, to Pork Chop Hill, to Hue, to Kuwait, to Falluga.

Colt's were carried by gunfighters, outlaws, lawmen, soldiers, sailors, Marines, cops, "motor bandits", heroes, presidents, and just people.

The Ruger is just a good serviceable revolver.
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