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Good Morning!
I am looking for a couple of new blue sideplate screws for my Pythons.
Called Colt, no luck.
Called the two suppliers Colt gave me, no luck.
Anyone have an idea where they might be found?
Thank you for the help.

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Re: Python side plate screws?

Keep in mind, that all mid-frame Colt's used the same screws.

So, you don't have to have Python-specific screws.

Any screw from the following will fit:
Official Police.
Officer's Models.
Old Model Trooper.

Gun Parts lists side plate screws for the Python, and for all the other models, and Brownell's list the rear screw.

In a pinch, side plate screws are interchangeable.

Usually the rear Python plate screw is shorter and flat-headed, but the screws are actually interchangeable.
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