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I can't believe i've only now found a colt forum!! i must have been asleep at the computer the last year or so.
I've always loved the colt diamondback. it was the first pistol my father gave me when i was 12. I still have the pistol and it still shoots better than me. i don't know much about the python series but acquired a 8 inch target model about five years ago. it's in pristine condition except it missing the ejection rod. i've looked through gun parts corporation to find a replacement but there seems to be a couple of different ones depending on the year it was manufactured. the serial number on this one is V961XX. can anybody help me out on this?
thanks in advance.

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Your Python was made in 1980.
You can get the rod from Gun Parts Corporation or Brownell's Gunsmith Supply.

From Gun Parts, the appropriate rod would be:

Ejector Rod, Blue (From Serial Number 36190E And Up)
Ejector Rod, Stainless (From Serial Number 36190E And Up)

This is the "late type" rod which has a knurled head that's made in one piece with the rod.

The older rods had a separate head, and a totally different disassembly.

AS LONG as nothing else is missing internally, this should fix you up.
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