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adiozmf- I like that name and welcome to the Forum. Buddies and I just used to say "AMF" when saying goodbye.

The previous owner of your Python could have done some home gunsmithing,as seen in several popular(and IMO,dangerous in areas)books on this.

The Colt leaf spring(2 leaves,like a wishbone)may have had too large a drill rod stuck between the leaves,then the gun cocked. This WILL lighten the mainspring-BUT can lighten it TOO MUCH. This only requires removing the stocks(grips) to gain access to it.

Unless you know how to "rebend the mainspring",which should be out of the gun to do it correctly,and this requires sideplate removal,not e-z unless you know how to,I would take it to a qualified gunsmith. Replacement springs will run no more than $20,I think.

Good Luck and hopefully it was the ammo,as was said.

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