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I posted this on Firing Line a while back. It may be useful. It is from catalog information as far as available finishes on Pythons.

1980: Blue & Nickel
1981: Blue & Nickel; Coltguard finish introduced (electroless) but not on Python. More than likely you could get it through the Custom Shop on a Python after introduction.
1982: Blue & Nickel
1983: Blue, Nickel, Coltguard
1984: Blue, Nickel, Stainless
Finish initially called "Mirror Bright" Stainless introduced in 1984. It was later called Ultimate Stainless or Bright Stainless (BSS).
1985: Blue, Ultimate Stainless
1986: Blue, Bright Stainless & Satin Stainless
1987: Blue, Bright & Satin Stainless
1988: Blue, Bright & Satin Stainless
1989: Blue, Bright & Satin Stainless
1990: Blue, Bright Stainless
1991: Blue, Bright & Satin Stainless
1992: Blue, Bright & Satin Stainless

Hope this helps. Sometimes just makes it more confusing.

There is also some information on determining if a gun is nickel or stainless in that thread. Look it up. I believe it is labeled Python Nickel or BSS or something like that.

Move on.
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