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There's nothing special about an "E" suffix except that they date from 1975 thru 1978. The "E" prefix is even more desirable in my opinion because they are dated even earlier,1969 thru 1975.

I don't believe Colt ever made a "special run" of custom tuned Pythons with Elliason sights. These were all special orders from the Custom Shop.

This is my Custom Shop Python. It is a 1978 "V" series. The only reason it has the Custom Shop box is because the original owner requested it. Actually, he received this new custom Python, and then wrote a letter to Colt saying it was such a beautiful pistol, it was a shame they didn't provide a better box with it, other than the styrofoam and wood grain card board. Colt sent him the Custom Shop box for free. I have all of the Colt letters the original owner received in response.

I pulled the letter from Colt about this from my files, and it says "This type of packaging is normally only used for engraved guns".

Just an FYI: In 1978 this pistol cost $492.90

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