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Colt never used the "Swartz" safety after the experiments with it.
Colt invented a newer, (most people say better) firing pin safety for the Series 80 models.

I understand Kimber uses a variation on the Swartz, and have had problems with it.
As far as I know, the new Colt XSE will have the Series 80 firing pin safety.

The Colt safety is activated by the trigger. When the trigger is pulled, a lever system presses the firing pin lock in the slide up, unlocking the firing pin.

As I remember, the Swartz/Kimber safety is activated by the grip safety. When the grip safety is depressed, the firing pin lock is pressed up.

As a guess, I suspect Kimber used a variation on the Swartz for two reasons.
One was to eliminate any effects on the trigger pull like some claim on the Colt type.

Two, was simply to be different than Colt, and to avoid any patent violations.
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