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Quandry about Colt Agent Serial number

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Hello all, I am a new member to this forum. I own a Colt Agent and was about to list it on Gunbroker, but when I looked up its serial number 58346 LW,that's 1957 and the agent was not made until 1962.The only thing I could think of is that maybe it was a Cobra frame that had an Agent barrel installed. But if you look at the picture,my gun is an agent since it has the short grip frame ? I am really confused. any input would be appreciated

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The Agent serial number error is one of several errors in the Wilson charts. The Agent was introduced in 1956.
Here is a link to a previous thread that discusses the error:
My thanks to you,bayoubay, and JudgeColt, fellow colt forum members,
That was so enlightening to get my answer so quickly and of course its good news.
Thanks for sharing and I plan on being an active member of your community
since you folks are quick to share knowledge with newbies like me. Have a wonderful safe
and holiday weekend!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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