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Question about a Colt Hammer

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Hi, I saw a Colt Python 38 Target Special at an LGS the other day with a bobbed hammer and a barrel modification. You can only shoot it double action. I was wondering about replacing the hammer and barrel and saw this ad on GB: COLT "D" frame Centerfire Wide Spur TARGET HAMMER : Other Pistol Accessories & Parts at

Can anyone tell me if that hammer would fit a Colt Python Target 38 special.
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Absolutely not.
That hammer is for a small frame Colt Diamondback. It is a totally different hammer and is totally unusable in a medium frame Python.
You'd have to have a real Python hammer. Unfortunately, like all Python parts hammers are becoming very nearly impossible to find.
Then too, the DA-only conversion may have also altered the trigger, so you might need one of those too.

Python barrels are as hard to find as hammers and often have problems, which is why they're for sale. A Python Target .38 barrel is going to be even harder to find.
However, gun parts Corp does list 8" Python barrels including one Target version.
Before buying one of these, you'd need to do some serious talking to them about why they list two barrels as 8" .38 Special, but only one as an 8" .38 Special Target and why it's so cheap. Reads like it may be set up for a scope.
What's the difference, and what's correct?
Price is heart-stopping:

Last, none of these are "drop-in" parts. If you can find the parts, you'd be very smart to send the gun in to Colt to have them properly installed and fitted.
Your local gunsmith IS NOT qualified to do this. Colt's really are "different".
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dfariswheel--I was hoping you would respond because I thought you'd know the answer. Yes I was planning on sending it back to Colt--I have a blue Python there now--if I decided to buy it but I'm not sure i will. I was checking on parts availability first. So thank you for the quick response.

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You could ask if Colt has any hammers. I'm sure they have no barrels.

Hammers CAN be found, but you have to look hard.
Coltparts lists a Python hammer. Hold on to your wallet, it's $200.

Antique Firearms & Colt Parts for Old Guns

You might find one on Ebay or one of the gun auctions, or you might post a "Wanted" post in the Colt forum Classified section.
Restoration is possible, but a lot depends on what kind of deal you can get on the gun. Few sellers are reasonable on even chopped up Pythons.
dfariswheel--Yes, I've done the math, at least preliminarily, and it looks like a no go. New barrel (saw one for, hold on to your hat, $600) and hammer ($200), then off to Colt for restoration and reblue ($350)and barrel change ($100 more) plus costs of shipping. Now if I could get the revolver for $500 it might be worth it but they want close to $1000. Doesn't make much economic sense. Guess I should be happy with the Pythons I have. Just looked like it could have been a neat gun.
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