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Question about a "marking" on a newly purchased Army Special:

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Two days ago I lucked up on an Army Special at a local pawnshop here in Columbus. This fine 1917-vintage Colt was missing most of the blue finish and the hard rubber Colt service grips were chipped. The timing was good though! As I removed the grip panels to start the first of a series of cleaning & oiling missions, I noticed in the yoke cut-out area, below the serial number 426850, a single numerical digit of "0". I'm familiar with the other Colt Factory markings of the Army Special Model but this particular marking was a first for me.

Can some of the great Colt students-of-history identify this 0 for me and it's meaning. Thanks in advance.
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That's a Colt inspectors stamp.
It's probably the LETTER O, not the number Zero.

There are three main inspectors stamps on Colt revolvers.
On the left front of the trigger guard is the "VP in a triangle" which is Colt's Verified Proof stamp.
On the left rear of the trigger guard is what is assumed to be the assemblers stamp.
Under the serial number on the frame is what is assumed to be the final inspectors stamp.
Many thanks Mr. dfariswheel, your expertise is much appreciated!
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