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The places on the slide appear to be wear, where the slide is rubbing the dust cover.

Re: the price, I think thats a "real world" price, and if I wanted a Delta, I'd buy it.

You can always have the slide or receiver corrected, so it doesn't rub. If your a collecter, have the receiver corrected. Thats probably the easiest way to go, but you'll probably want to re-blue the slide anyway...........I would.

Nice gun, ..10's like that, are really somewhat rare, and worth every penny, with their down range ballistics........

Myself, I have an earlier Blue Delta that has become my favorite target and woods pistol......

Mine is very much modified with a fitted slide/to receiver, a KART barrel, Champion adj sights, and a lot of work to the recoil & fire control system......It is no longer a series 80 type pistol.

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