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We'd really need to see some good, well lit images and close ups of it to have some idea what it is and or what is going on with it.

But, from your description, I have no idea.

If it is a Government Model, and original, it would be a lovely Blue over high polish.

If a m1911, if original, it should be a coarse finish with a sort of transparent or semi translucent blackish attempt at Blue, and maybe even with most of that flaked off. But no 'polish' really underneath the 'black/blue'....but then I do not remember really just when the finish was changed or what part of 1918 it occurred in, where some early 1918 ones may have had the older finish still going, so...Serial Number would help on that part, for those here who would know.

If it is a re-finished Pistol, the price is much too high.

It might be one which is a 'Mix Master' and put together out of parts which did not start out together and or parts from differing eras.

If it is all correct and an original finish and fairly high condition, the price may not be too out of line...but, lots of "ifs" there.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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