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Colt never made a .41 magnum Python, at least not available for distribution and sales. I read somewhere that these were boogered up pretty bad and sold under the guise of an original Colt. Consequently, Colt had to deal with a lot of unwarranted legal actions because they were mistaken as factory original.

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Colt produced a couple, (as in about TWO??) at the request of a big distributor.

After Colt sent the guns to the distributor as samples, Colt thought it over a little better and decided that the frame and cylinder simply weren't up to it, and recalled the guns from the distributor.

As far as is known, the samples are still in Colt's fabled Prototype room vault.

A gunsmith in Florida?? did some custom conversions and sold an unknown number.

When the guns, (and an occasional owner) started to rather dramatically come apart, the guns started to get sent in to Colt with dirty letters demanding action or reimbursement.

Colt investigated and traced them back to the gunsmith, who shortly thereafter closed up shop, and seems to have disappeared one step ahead of a posse of process servers.

While Colt has made up a number of different caliber Python's the ONLY ones ever released from the factory were in .38 Special or .357 Magnum.

Colt did publish a catalog back in the mid-80's with a .22LR Python on the cover.
The picture was actually an artist's drawing of a standard Python with the .357 markings airbrushed out, and .22LR put in.
The picture isn't even a photo of a real gun.
It's unknown whether Colt actually made up a .22 Python at all.

Bottom line, if you ever see a Python in any caliber other than .38/.357 you either have the discovery of the Century, OR a non-factory conversion.
There ARE custom .22LR "Pythons" out there, but these are conversions, usually of a Colt Officer's Model Match.
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