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Questions about my Colt Python

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Hello just joined forum and I am already asking questions.
I purchased my Python in the late 70's I think don't have receipt. I have the original
box, on the end of the box it says Model I3660 SN V38844
357 MAG 6" barrel Blue COLT PYTHON
Where do I find the serial # on the gun?
Will the serial number give me an idea of when I bought it.
I put Pachmayr grips on it when i bought it have originals in box.
I have not fired the gun in years, probably less than 50 times since new
but I clean and oil it , since i have the original walnut grips in
the box is there anything I need to do to them.

Thanks for any help, great forum wish I found it sooner.

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Open the cylinder and SN# (Serial Number) will be on the frame at the crane. Serial Number puts it made in 1979. The SN# is V38844 if the box is original to the gun which I assume it is if you bought it new. No need to do anything to the grips, not good to put oil on grips. Pythons have gone up alot since you bought it, as you describe, its worth a MINIMUM of $1500, maybe alot more depending on scratches, finish wear, etc. If as new it would go over $2000.
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Thanks big_gus for the reply, I guess that means i must have bought it in early eighties . I verified serial # V38844. It is as like new as one that old could be. The original
grips were only on it for a few days after i bought it. Yeah my wife complains, I save everything when i buy something.
Thanks again
Well tell your wife that you saving that box and everything will bring you another $500-$800 :). You probably bought the gun in 1979 or 1980 because according to the serial number it would be early 1979. Of course this is just a rough estimate on the serial numbers. The only way for sure is to order a letter from Colt for $75 and wait 6 months. However there is no need to do this, it will not bring you any more money on this particular gun.
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