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Walked into my local gun store and wound up buying (actually putting on layaway) two guns, a Winchester M97 trench gun made in 1918 and a 1906 manufactured '03 Springfield. No pictures as I didn't think to break out my cell phone and take a photo.

There is such a great knowledge base here, I thought I might ask a question and see if anyone has the answer.

The question I have is this; The trench gun has the initials "RPH" stamped just below the serial number on the frame. The letters are about 3/8" high and resemble other police/prison markings I have seen. I have tried to look it up, but I can find nothing that tells me what agency they represent. Proofhouse does not list them as a military inspector. Any ideas?

The 97 is in about 90+% condition and I don't believe it has been refinished as the roll marks are sharp and the finish looks correct for a trench gun from this era. The finish on the wood looks right also.

The Springfield has a two bolt, finger groove (probably from the late teens) stock with the original cartouche and a rework cartouche next to it and a 1918 AV (Avis) barrel. Oh and by the way, I paid $1350 for both of them.
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