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:rolleyes:Hi folks,
Yesterday I picked up a 6" Python. The seller said it had been re-blued by Colt. I have two questions about this gun.
1. Until I can call Colt, does anyone know the approximate year of manufacture for serial number T904xx?
2. Assuming the gun has been re blued by Colt (which I'll find out about when I call them on Monday), does this re-bluing affect the value of the gun.

A pic is attached. I don't have the gun in my possession at the moment. Live in CA and the gun is in "jail."



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The last number publicly known in the "T" series was T34453 in 1985.
That would put your Python a few years after that.
Colt will tell you the year of manufacture over the phone.

I doubt that Colt can tell you if they re-blued the gun. I don't think they keep records like that.

Re-bluing always affects the value of guns. How much depends on a number of factors.
As example if the gun was pitted and Colt had to remove a good amount of metal or if they couldn't get the pitting out, the value would be lower then a normal re-blue of a gun with metal in good condition.
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