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Range Report - 8\" Python

A while back I expressed disappointment in the accuracy of my new (used) Python and one of the possible problems I suspected was a buldged barrel. Evidently not the case. After shooting six different brands/types of ammo and identifying Remington 158 gr. SJHP and 125 gr. reloads w/XTP that the gun likes, I'm feeling better.

It's nothing to brag about, but I shot 6-shot group of 2 5/8" @ 25 yds; a 12" 5-shot group @ 100 yds with 1 shot off the paper, and the attached pic shows a 4 5/8" 6-shot group at 50 yds.

The gun does not like lead SWC. Accuracy was progressively worse the more rounds of this type shot. Flakes of lead were removed from the barrel with the Lewis Lead Remover. Too bad because I have 600 rounds of SWC.

Anyway, with more practice I hope to do better. Thanks for looking.

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