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Range Report - Sellier & Bellot 32 Colt New Police/32 S&W Long & Rem. 32 S&W Long

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Range Report - Sellier & Bellot 32 Colt New Police/32 S&W Long & Rem. 32 S&W Long

My friend with the chronograph & I finally got to the range today to clock the two 32 long loads I found to shoot in my 1952 Colt Detective Special 32 Colt New Police revolver. See this thread for some background:

Here's the results for a 5 shot group of Remington 98 gr. and a 5 shot group of Sellier & Bellot 100 gr.

Remington 98 gr. lead round nose
Muzzle Velocity/ Ft. Lbs. Energy
652 f.p.s./ 93 ft.lbs.
689 f.p.s./ 103 ft.lbs.
678 f.p.s./ 100 ft.lbs.
677 f.p.s./ 100 ft.lbs.
703 f.p.s./ 108
Average muzzle velocity (5 shots) - 680 f.p.s.
Average foot lbs. of energy (5 shots) - 101 ft.lbs.

Sellier & Bellot 100 gr. lead flat point (round nose)
Muzzle Velocity/ Ft. Lbs. Energy
763 f.p.s./ 129 ft.lbs.
798 f.p.s./ 141 ft.lbs.
766 f.p.s./ 130 ft.lbs.
804 f.p.s./ 144 ft.lbs.
846 f.p.s./ 159 ft.lbs.
Average muzzle velocity (5 shots) - 795 f.p.s.
Average foot lbs. of energy (5 shots) - 140 ft.lbs.

I did some informal researching in various older reloading manuals that were hand-me-downs from my friend, including Speer, Hornady, etc., and the tables in the classic Smith's "Pistols and Revolvers of the World". The average/standard listing for the classic 32 Colt New Police and the identical S&W 32 Long rounds with 98 gr. bullets are 705 f.p.s. delivering 108 ft.lbs. of energy. Pretty anemic.

The S&B round was the highest velocity and ft.lbs. advertised anywhere on the internet compared to Remington, Winchester, Magtech, etc. The 2nd hotest performing brand advertised was the Magtech which one of our members recommended, but I did not purchase any of it.
Neither the Remington or the Sellier & Bellot shot quite as fast or delivered quite as much energy as they advertised at (which I expected). The Remington advertised at 705 f.p.s. and 115 ft. lbs. The Sellier & Bellot advertised at 886 f.p.s. and 174 ft.lbs. I expected both brands would chrono at a little less than advertised claims. My main interest in doing these tests were to see if the S&B ammo came close to their claims because the f.p.s. and ft.lbs. they claimed made the round a little more viable as a close range self defense rd. to me. After all, standard 38 Special goes at about 780 f.p.s. and gets about 195 ft.lbs. But, the 38 Special does have an advantage in a larger cross sectional density.

I am happy to report that the Sellier & Bellot ammo is indeed much "hotter" than any other brand's advertised claims, and is a better self defense round in this loading than the other ammo makers offer.
The figures I reported from the S&B ammo are definitely higher enough compared to the standard offerings citing well established averages for this old chambering. Therefore, to me it is worth buying instead of Remington, Winchester, etc. I initially ordered two boxes of 50 rds. I think I will order two more to make sure I have a good supply of it. It also has the added feature of having a flat nose for us Colt fans instead of the round nose profile of the S&W 32 long lead round nose that everybody else makes. But that adds nothing to performance, of course.

Tenths of decimals were rounded off from f.p.s. and ft.lbs. of energy for this casual report.
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There is something charming about the .32 NP and it's comparabe kin.

I bet it is a joy to plink with, and, Target Revolvers of course were made for those were Wadcutter Bullets for Target use.

But, from what is being represented for the Ballistics associated with the Cartridge, it does indeed seem modest as a Self Defense Round, and, would be especially so in a Snubby or shorter Barrel Revolver.

If one feels the Revolver is strong enough, I suppose one could increase the Loading somewhat, but, I know that thought would sort of make one cringe a little ( makes me cringe a little, anyway).

Probably a Sabot with some sort of articulating-opening on impact of Fleshette would be one way to go. Could be done...a scaled-down version of some of the Razor-Edge Archery Points which fold 'out' once entering a target.

A Company like, say 'Exacto' could manufacture those like falling off a Log...for the Re-Loader who would like to have them for Hunting or SD or whatever.
Yet the .32 NP et al Police Positive and the Pocket Positive and others before the PP, were Revolvers which were in Police use in many areas of the Country way back when...

I know people were generally smaller then, but, there were stil plenty of what by to-days standards were regular sized guys and big, kinda makes one wonder how they got away with the .32 NP Revolver as a Police Arm of the Day.

Was well thought of as a Target round, and or when loaded for same... if memory serve.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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