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Rare shoulder holster with Dalmstrom maker mark. This mark was used about 2 maybe 3 times on holsters. The only other holster was by member turnerriver.
If you collect holsters, this should be in them. If you look at some of the holster patterns by Heiser and Colorado Saddery, you can see this holster design.
Looking on the Spencer Hoglunds site, Lock, Stock and Barrel under General officer collections, I found this shoulder holster by Colorado Saddlery. Based on the info that my shoulder holster was made by one of the early founders and the mark used was never a production mark (Dalmstrom may have used 2-3 times), I think it was the prototype used for the one on the site. Mine are the 2 bottom pics. Ron

This LSB link to the GO pistol and holster:
shoulder holster.jpg

leather maker info1.jpg

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What pistol is this for? The link you provided is broke. Also looks like a flap with a button in the third photo but I don't see it in the other photos?
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