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pspex, welcome to Coltforum.

The issue of whether or not to refinish a vintage Colt arises here regularly.

Refinished guns are completely unwanted by collectors (with a few minor exceptions).

Refinished guns are worth less than the same gun before refinishing - in most cases.

While it is your gun, to do with as you wish, a gun only has an original finish once. Once it is refinished, it has zero remaining original finish. Guns are typically priced according to, in part, the remaining amount of original finish. Thus, typically, refinishing a fine old revolver has the financial effect of reducing the value of the gun. If you just want the refinished look, and do not care what it does to the value or the desirability or collectability of the gun, go right ahead and refinish.

A lot of gun guys like the "honest wear" on older guns that have been used, but not abused.
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