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Reloading 45 ACP (NT) Cases

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I began shooting Winchester .45 ACP NT (Non Toxic) ammo when the shortage was in full bloom. Are the cases reloadable?
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WHY DO YOU THINK they couldn't be ? Are they Boxer primer pockets ? LP or SP, it does not matter, they both work equally well.
NT are usually small primer and may or may not be crimped. Generally the flash holes are larger. They reload fine.
As long as the casings are brass ensemble or nickel plated you should be good to go.flanman
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yeah, i would segregate all brass and keep and load them as lots. it will tighten up your groups to not be mixing the stuff around.
I segregate LP and SP brass and try not to shoot both at the same range session if I can. They load fine, never found a crimped primer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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