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Remove scuff Matte frame pre series 80 LW Comander

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I have a pre 80's series LW Commander in 9mm that is in good shapes except for the glaring scuffs on the matte frame surface. Anyone know any tricks to repair the appearance?

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On a matte finish, there's just nothing that can be done.
You could apply cold blue but this will not come anywhere close to matching the flat black color, it's not at all durable, it can actually cause rusting, and it will leave permanent blotch-like stains in the original finish around where a cold blue is used.

Cold blues can "sort of" make a standard glossy blue finish with light scratches or scuffs look better, but it just doesn't work on a matte finish very well.
Pretty much what i figured, thank you for the response
I read your first post too fast and missed that it was a light weight Commander.

There is an aluminum black that works like cold blue, but it's even less durable and also isn't even close to matching an anodized finish, matte or shiny.

Options are to coat the frame with CeraKote or Lauer Duracoat, or send it to Ford's or Techplate and have it re-anodized.
Best option, just live with it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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