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Does anyone know where I can purchase a drop in Front Sight for a Python that has the red, orange or white bar or even gold dot milled in?
I have always had a hard time picking up the front sight quickly on Pythons and would like to replace it but not alter the gun so I could always go back to the Factory Original.


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Before ordering a sight, check to see if you have an old style barrel with the two pin front sight or the new style barrel with the single pin sight.

See the other Pyhton sight thread posted today.

If you have a two pin sight, the following info is good.
If you have a single pin sight barrel, the sight MAY have been changed to the same sight as a King Cobra.

I think the two pin sights are in stock at: You'll have to call or email.

Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters
1330 Center Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(412) 766-6100 click on Colt and wait. Python parts are down the list. CALL FIRST to insure the listed sight has an insert.

For Pythons you can use either a Python or Diamondback front sight.
The old Pythons used a two pin system. You can drill the extra hole in the one pin Diamondback.

If you have the newer one pin Python sight, the Diamondback drops in. For an older two pin sight, just ignore the extra hole in the blade.
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