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I've had great luck with these magazines, they are the real deal (Colt).
Bayouboy posted this very useful link in another thread, concerning the Colt Challenger, but since it applies to much more than the Challenger I'm putting my comments in a new thread.

I have no connection whatsoever with, except as a new customer. I ordered 6 of their magazines as soon as I read bayouboy's post, and they arrived 3 days later. I have not tested them yet, but others on this forum have and report good results. They are slightly different from the 3rd series Woodsman magazine (apparently in order to make them work with the Colt .22 Automatic that was made for a few years in the '90s, sometimes called the Cadet model). Not really suitable to make a collector grade Woodsman complete, but should work very well for shooting purposes and a great price at only $19.95.

Very nice that they included the cut for the push button magazine release to make them also compatible with the 2nd series Woodsman. Even the late 3rd series Woodsman magazines did not include that feature.
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