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RL Wilson update

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Considering the high regard so many Colt collectors held for the good Mr Wilson, I have been surprised so little has been written on the Colt Forum regarding the details of his business practices. In any case, my son referred me to this link on the SASS wire.,0,2715895.story?page=1&coll=hc-big-headlines-breaking .
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I still 'don't get' how such a knowledgeable expert with a fine reputation could let high living destroy his reputation.
After all, aside from your reputation, the rest is just 'stuff'.
No one has given more knowledge to the Colt community than Mr. Wilson. This man will continue to resume with respect and gain respect from those that do not yet know of his existence. I wish him all the luck and I hope he can quickly put this mess behind him. I look forward to more Wilson publications.
Interestingly, Larry's book on Ruger ('Ruger And His Guns') is probably the best book on ANY brand I've ever read.
I read my copy for pleasure as well as for reference.
I don't believe the man's scholarship has ever been in question but rather a man who was given respect is nothing more than a thief in the night.
For what he did to the people who entrusted him with their possessions, I think he should have received 10 years, not one year, and one day.

I can credit him fully for his knowledge of Colts, and guns in general, but would not trust him to hold one of my beater revolvers. The guy is a creep, and should never again be welcomed into, or trusted by the gun collecting fraternity.

From that very well written article, it looks like he could be indicted on other charges when he gets out of the slammer.
I have to agree with Robba here. The guy regardless of what he did in the past stole thousands of dollars from people. I know but those people were wealthy so it's some how less of a crime? The only difference between him and the average con artist that steals money from more regular Joe's is that he was a scholar. I hope he puts his life in order and learns his lesson to never do these things again.

For what he did to the people who entrusted him with their possessions, I think he should have received 10 years, not one year, and one day.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ah, but his more meaningful sentence is yet to come. As a convicted felon he will be prohibited from owning any of his treasured firearms. For a man whose life has been guns that is the harsher penalty.
Great point but i'll bet he puts them in the wifes name and things remain the same. I agree with Robba that 10 years would have been appropriate. Since he was so highly regarded it makes his crime even more despecable. You can loose money and material objects and with time get those back, but once your reputation is gone, its gone for good.
The average killer in the U.S. serves a hair over 8 years.
Plea bargains turn all kinds of felons loose far sooner than they deserve.
It never failed to amaze the guys on our department just how quickly the perps actually emerged from their 'paid time away'.
I'd like to see the increasingly violent gang-bangers and cop-killers actually serve longer sentences, using some of the cells we tie up with less-threatening types.
Would the wronged victims of Wilson's schemes prefer a 10-year sentence or the possibility of getting some of their money back?
Just my 2-cents' worth.
As a convicted felon he should no longer be able to own a gun, and as a condition of his parole he could be made to divest himself of all firearms related items in order to pay off his victims. He could also be made to sign over the royalties from his books to them too. The best way to punish someone who thinks he is above the law is to make him poor and have a real job. His books have been going for cut rate prices at Barnes and Noble for about the last year or so (19.95 for Steel Canvas, Winchester, etc.) I'd love to see the guy working at a fast food place.

"Would You Like Fries With That?"

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