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Hey there forum!
A friend of mine has an early Colt Root 1-A he’s trying to find the value on. Any help would be great!
Serial number 360
We believe it’s a .31 cal with a hunting scene depicted on the cylinder (it’s difficult to make out).
The presentation case is not original and I believe a few of the items inside are not either.
gun locks up tight, bore is good, and appears to be original.
Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Tool Wrench Wood
Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive tire Rectangle Bicycle part
Revolver Trigger Air gun Wood Gun barrel
Revolver Wood Air gun Trigger Gun barrel
Helmet Automotive lighting Audio equipment Automotive tire Gadget
Glasses Arm Sunglasses Eyewear Human body
Tin Automotive lighting Material property Nickel Auto part

Thanks forum!
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