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My welcome to the Forum. These are NOT true removable bushings,that run the full length of the cylinder,as in 1st and 2nd Gen. SAAs(and most clones of the SAAs).I call them "bushettes",as they only enter the face(front of cylinder)for about 1/4",then sit on a step.with a hole on it,where the base pin enters,so only the front end of cylinder has a bushing.But since it is the front end of the cylinder that usual takes the beating from recoil,at least there is a "little bushing on the 3rds!

They have to be PRESS fitted to the cylinder,and removal is best done with a special tool. I have known Cowboy Action Shooters" who have "drilled out 3rd gen. cyls. to accept a "full length" bushing. But I have access to a press,and installed one in an extra 3rd Gen.cyl. I bought(some new cylinders,bought separately do not have them,or have them installed. I have yet to try and remove one!!!!

This was NOT one of Colt's better ideas,and to save a few cents per gun,they made bushing replacement very difficult.

These "bushettes",or bearings,are not that e-z to find(I have a few I've stached away). Ratchet end of cylinder doesn't even ride on a bushing!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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