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Saa exploded view drawing

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I was looking at an exploded view drawing of a SAA and noticed the small washers shown behind several of the screws but I have never seen them on any of the SAA's that I have.
Are the washers used by the Colt factory now and/or in the past? Does anyone use them? Do they serve a functional purpose?
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The washers in question were called friction washers and were in 2nd and 3rd Gen P frame and in the Scout G, K and Q frame. As might be deduced by the name they acted as an aide to keep the screws from backing out. The Cowboy did not have these as the threads were compound treated. Kuhnhausen's "Shop manual" is a wealth of information.
I always remove the red washers and toss them. I have seen screw threads ruined if the washer caused a cross thread. I have fixed plenty because a client accidentally crossed threaded the screw. Some of you may wish to retain them and I understand that, but for me working on them out they go. Q
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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