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Sad Little Frontier

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I found this for sale and he is asking $300, looks kind of like somebody has been using it to drive nails with. I kind of feel sorry for the little gun :(

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You're sure it's a Colt...right? If so 300.00 seems a bit high for the issues it has.

300 bucks? It'll buff right out!
Don't think buffing is gonna work on the alloy, and then there's the stock fit (or lack thereof) issue. I dunno...$250 is about all she'd bring and that's being generous, more in the area of $215-$225 in that condition.
It appears the grip frame is bent. Best left alone if that is the case.

That bent Grip Frame is indeed a cringer.
I never have had any luck trying to bend back certain metals like what ever motorcycle clutch and brake levers are made from but they were bent more than this. It doesn't appear that the receiver frame may be damaged so you would be trying to find grip frame to make this correct. I don't believe I would risk trying to bend back the grip frame while it was attached to the non-replaceable receiver frame.
I need a sarcasm font.
Use the rolling eyes smiley, that's what it's used for :rolleyes: .
That would be too easy, I really like to keep everyone guessing..
Use the rolling eyes smiley, that's what it's used for :rolleyes: .
Numrich shows the grip frames in stock for about $56. I would offer $150 for the gun, pointing out that it is obsolete and damaged and see if I could rebuild it as a good shooter for under $250.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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