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Saw a Colt 1903 Hammerless .32 yeterday, $399 ???

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Hi All, I haven't been here in awhile since the S&W Revolver bug bit me. In fact when I went to the gun store to let them know I'd be picking up my Model 36 S&W snubbie next week, I just had to also buy the 4" Model 10 in about 98% they had that bought for $187 ! Anyway, they have a Colt 1903 Hammerless in .32 caliber, decent shape, probably around 90% I'm guessing. Asking price is $399. What do you guys think ? I really don't know squat about these. Is the price too high ? What would be a good price or how much should I offer him if I decided to buy it? Thanks, Shoo
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I just bought one in about 85% for $300, so i would say that your price is in the ball park.
Depends on whether it's a Type I, II, III, or IV.

Type I: 4" barrel with an external barrel bushing.
Type II: 3 3/4" barrel with an external barrel bushing.
Type III: 3 3/4" barrel with an integral barrel bushing.
Type IV: 3 3/4" barrel with an integral barrel bushing and a magazine safety.
Thanks Guys, I'll have to look into it further, Shoo
I sold one in 80% condition on gunbroker two months ago for $295. That seemed fair to me, and to the buyer.
Make sure it has the factory mag /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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Make sure it has factory finish. These are often found refinished, but rarely well.
Try this site.Im into these old auto's,,,well Im starting to be.They're fun to collect as the prices on the hammerless's go from $200 to $4000.
I've spent more time prowling that website than I'd care to admit...any opinions on "21st century" use as a concealed carry or at least backup?
i bought one in nickle for $225,unfortunately it has been refinished,but it is type 1 and the serial number is i believe 850.
Wow,,If I ever come accross a model M with that low of a # I think I'd have sent it off to Fords to get restored,sense it had allready been messed with
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